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Creating the BluePrint
The process for developing and creating a strategic plan is simple. In our first client consultation, we listen. While that may not seem like a monumental thing, we've found that many agencies spend 70-80% of the new client meeting talking about the agency rather than listening to the client and what's happening in their business. By listening to our clients during the initial meeting, we learn a great deal about what has and have not worked in the past and what might work moving forward.

We Plan
The next phase of the new client relationship involves homework and research on both sides of the table. We send you back to the drawing board, by having you tell us more about your business, from your market, financial situation, competition, current marketing efforts and organizational structure. We are now learning about the framework behind your business.

While you're sharing your situational analysis with us, we're researching the marketplace to determine economic conditions, competitor positioning and opportunities to differentiate your product and service from the rest of the pack.

Now the real work begins.
After we've agreed to partner, we begin to design the most effective plan utilizing all the strategies and tactics of a well-orchestrated integrated marketing communication plan. Designs, concepts, theories, dreams - are all placed on the table for discussion and consideration. No idea is too radical for this phase of the process.

We then start to shape and model the plan, creating a timed and coordinated effort. It is our fundamental belief that an integrated effort will elicit the best possible results. There are no single efforts in a ClearPoint plan. Every effort, tactic and strategy is accompanied with as many other well timed efforts to elicit the greatest visibility and consistently branded campaign. We're working to produce campaigns that will result in a strong return on investment. To accomplish that goal, every effort must be integrated and timed.

When we're finally satisfied with the final plans, implementation is the next step. This is where the real fun begins for us. Working with the timelines and programs we've created together gives us great satisfaction. We're excited to watch our clients become visible, viable competitors in their field.

Each phase of the process is critical to creating the perfect image for your brand.

Helping Your Business Soar to New Heights
Our mission is to help our clients build solid branding and integrated marketing communication campaigns with a result-oriented return on investment. By utilizing as many strategies and tactics available, we work to create and more importantly, implement flawless campaigns for a reasonable cost and greatest possible result.

If you'd like your business to receive more recognition for the great products and services it offers, or if you're just starting out and need to spread the word about a new product or service, give us a call at 603/434-9433 or email us at We will be happy to meet with you, learn more about your business and work together to build a solid plan of action.

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